Back To School Essentials

Whether that be taking classes online or starting in-person, back-to-school shopping is much needed.This can be anything from buying stationary to small, everyday, supplies. It can even be small hacks that you weren’t aware about before. Whatever the case, this is the perfect guide on your back-to-school essentials. Planner A planner allows you to compile […]

Four Reasons Why Sheet Masks Are Important

While some may think that self-care consists of an extensive night-time routine or a luxurious trip to the spa, sheet masks can actually be a small yet efficient way of personal care. Sheet masks can be stored in your purse to-go, a skincare fridge, or a bathroom table. Sheet masks serve numerous benefits and here’s […]

Cute Ways To Decorate Your Bedroom

Your room is your sanctuary – it is where you go to relax and take a break from the outside world. Being that we are in the middle of a global pandemic, it can sometimes be boring to have the same bedroom. Surrounding yourself with items that you love can make quarantine much better. Here […]

Why Customized Jewelry Is A Necessity

Like shoes, jewelry can totally transform a dull outfit into something exciting and flashy. There are many types of jewelry designs ranging from big hoops to even small pearl necklaces. However, what if you could change what your jewelry says? You could either make it named after something you like or your name. This is […]

Why Self-Care Apps Is Everything Right Now

As the end of summer is coming to a close, the every-day stress from the pandemic continues. With Los Angeles County having thousands of cases a day, it seems as though there is no time for self-care. Simple exercises like meditation, yoga, or even reading may seem to be monotonous and time-consuming to others. However, […]

How Jade Rollers Are Everything

Imagine one morning you feeling restless, and your skin looks as dull as ever. No matter how many times you wash your face it doesn’t seem to go away. You got enough sleep, were well-hydrated, and did your night-time ritual correctly. However, it doesn’t seem like it in the mirror. What you need is a […]

How To Do Your Nails During Quarantine

Treating yourself in quarantine can be hard at times during a pandemic. That’s why little things like bubble baths, going out for a nice walk, and even painting your nails can make a huge difference. Instead of going to a nail salon and having to worry about social distance, here are some tips and tricks […]

How A Mini Skincare Fridge Can Make A Huge Difference

Ranging from high-end skincare lines to drug-store brands, there is never a limit to buying your skincare products. As skincare comes in many different forms (cleanser, toner, moisturizer, etc..) it can sometimes be a hassle when storing these products. On top of cosmetics, your toner or moisturizer might compile on your bathroom desk leaving you […]

How Food Affects Your Skin

When it comes down to having clear skin, food can play a big role. Unfortunately, while some people can eat a variety of unhealthy foods and still have clear skin, this same principle does not work for everyone. If you keep up a constant cycle of unhealthy eating, this will not only affect your body […]

What Jewelry You Should Wear Based On Skin Tone

Although miniscule, jewelry can actually be a huge fashion statement. Ranging from necklaces, earrings, to even bracelets – there are a variety of these small trinkets available to pair with any outfit. Jewelry can make a dull outfit appear more exciting while making a glamorous outfit even more amazing. However, at times, wearing the correct […]