How Tie-Dye Has Dominated Summer 2020

Looking back on nostalgic summers filled with watching Disney shows, throwing pool parties, and creating tie-dye outfits, it seems as though these small events were nothing more than simple summer experiences. Who knew that one of these would later become the next fashion statement: tie-dye.   This trend first became noticed around late April, where […]

How Retail Brands Are Changing the Perception of Masks

The pandemic has affected millions of lives worldwide and every day seems to be a reminder of how a few months ago, everything was different. Before, you could walk into your favorite restaurant and place a delicious order of sushi. Now, people are hesitant to walk into a restaurant without disinfecting the food, restaurant owners […]

TikTok’s Biggest Trend: Vogue Cover

TikTok, arguably one of the largest social media platforms, is the center of attention when it comes to creating fun and creative trends. This open-ended platform allows for influencers to create whatever type of videos their followers want – either that be a lip-sync video to Flatbed Freestyle by Playboi Carti, dance videos with their […]

Streaming Takes Over During COVID Outbreak

After three months of the coronavirus outbreak, streaming platforms have steadily increased as more and more people venture online. Companies like Netflix have seen a net increase in their profits as binge-watchers watch their favorite shows with their family and friends. While TV show enthusiasts unpack an adventurous episode of How to Get Away With […]

How a Simple Step Makes a Huge Difference

In skin care routines, cleansing may seem to be the least luxurious and important step to achieve perfect skin. In fact, people are more prone to pay less on cleansers than on expensive toners and serums because cleansers don’t necessarily combat ‘skin worries’ as specific as other products. However, cleansing is much more than an […]

Introduction | Gen Z Gravitates Beauty

Skin is the largest organ in your body and that’s why you need to take care of it. Gen Z Gravitates Beauty produces exciting and new content designated towards Gen Z individuals. Not only does this blog revolve around culture, beauty, and fashion trends – but it also brings awareness toward your main skincare issues […]