Why Corset Tops Are The Next Fall Fashion Trend

As cafes open up with their pumpkin spiced lattes and cinnamon candles, it is only natural for you to wear your favorite cardigan and enjoy a simple night of reading. You’ve already organized your sweaters by color – red at the far left, orange in the middle, and yellow at the right. You’ve already stacked […]

How To Stay Cute and Comfy During Quarantine

As some students are returning for in-person classes, while others may have it online, it is always important to try different outfit styles and see what you like. One may go for a sophisticated and classy look, while another may like a more edgy one. Whatever the fashion choice is, you can always try a […]

How To Pick The Perfect Fall Blush

As fall is right around the corner, we can understand if your skin has been looking dry and dull. You might be trying out new makeup looks – going for a nude lipstick or even a smokey eyeshadow. Blushes not only compliment well with your skin’s undertone, but make you look more sunkissed and refreshed. […]

How To “Glow Up” During Quarantine

We’ve all dreamed of an epic makeover at the end of summer – after all, everyone wants to look new and fresh. As some schools are offering in-person classes while other schools are not, we all want to make a new first-impression. This can be seen through perfecting our makeup skills, or by wearing fun […]

Fall Items That You Can’t Miss Out On

Being that fall is right around the corner, summer pool parties and frozen treats are coming to a close. Although fall won’t be the same due to quarantine, there are definitely some seasonal activities that can make it just as fun. As fall is about wearing cute sweaters and jackets, cinnamon-sugar apple pies… Candles Not […]

Gen Z Shows To Watch

In the late 2000s, it was a much simpler time – watching disney shows until 2am, taking polaroid pictures with your friends, and watching Youtubers Dan and Phil – it may seem as though we can’t relieve these childhood memories. However, with the rise of streaming, streaming platforms make a lot of these childhood shows […]

How To Protect Your Skin From A Heat Wave

Although summer is coming to a quick close, the hot weather is not going anywhere. Recently, Los Angeles has been experiencing excessive heat waves due to nearby fires. As some places may even range up to 100 degrees or more, it is crucial to know steps on how to protect your skin. Sunscreen It is […]

Back To School Essentials

Whether that be taking classes online or starting in-person, back-to-school shopping is much needed.This can be anything from buying stationary to small, everyday, supplies. It can even be small hacks that you weren’t aware about before. Whatever the case, this is the perfect guide on your back-to-school essentials. Planner A planner allows you to compile […]

Four Reasons Why Sheet Masks Are Important

While some may think that self-care consists of an extensive night-time routine or a luxurious trip to the spa, sheet masks can actually be a small yet efficient way of personal care. Sheet masks can be stored in your purse to-go, a skincare fridge, or a bathroom table. Sheet masks serve numerous benefits and here’s […]